Highflying Midwest business executive Tag Grayson finds nothing more stimulating than seeking, negotiating, and closing a big deal. On the brink of concluding the transaction of his life, Grayson discovers his potential client has a murderous past that has left his mental state unpredictable at best. The shrewd Grayson knows he has his prospective client right where he wants himdesperate.Nate Dillianquest knows he is in hot water. With a criminal background overshadowing his future, he is anxious to sell his mothers health-care business after his familys fortune is lost in a pyramid scheme. But as Grayson and Dillianquest finally meet, Grayson has no idea that Dillianquest will do anything to keep what is rightfully his. Suddenly, Grayson is propelled into a web of greed, secrets, and blackmail woven by a conniving southern patriarch and a pair of strikingly beautiful women. Just as Grayson realizes he is dealing with master manipulators who want revenge in the worst way, his life is turned upside down.In this tale of greed, murder, and sexual obsession, members of a wealthy southern family draw an innocent business executive into their deceptive trap as one of them attempts to escape with millions in blood money.

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