Love Is Messy (Three Stories of Billionaires and the Maids Who Love Them)

Love Is Messy (Three Stories of Billionaires and the Maids Who Love Them)

Love is messy. Let one of these sexy maids help you clean up! The Blackmailed Maid: What will you do when the billionaire catches you stealing?Sophia is a normal woman struggling to survive in our harsh economy. When the housing market went under, her whole family suffered a series of setbacks that led to having to drop out of college and take up a job as a maid. Luckily, her father was friends with a man who had become a billionaire; a billionaire who promised to pay her quite handsomely. Julian Rodin did not keep his word. Struggling to pay her bills and buy food, Sophia resorted to stealing small things from him, things she hoped he would never notice. When he installs security cameras around his mansion, though, he comes to possess photos of Sophia that will make her do whatever he tells her to. The Billionaire’s Maid: When Bella first sees his mansion, she’s immediately terrified of cleaning for Robert. Still, she needs the money. Expecting to spend months trying to get the building in order, she foolishly dresses a bit slutty on her first day. Robert likes how she’s dressed, though. He likes it so much, in fact, that he loses control over himself and becomes Bella’s master, using her body as he sees fit. Maid Service: Being a maid isn’t easy, especially when you’re cleaning the house of a kinky billionaire! Even though her family used to be wealthy, after the economy crashed Maria had to find a job to pay for college. When taking a job offered by her dad’s old friend, Eric Ampora, to clean his house, she’s assured the pay will be good. But what will happen when she stumbles upon dirty photos of his past girlfriends in compromising positions, and he catches her? Well, things get a little bit freaky! In this bundle you’ll read about: BillionairesMaidsOral sexSpankingBDSM

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