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NYPD Calls Unreasonable Use Of Force ‘Irresponsible’ After Trump’s Speech

The department said suggestions for using another standard for use of force “sends the wrong message.” U.S. Political News, Opinion and Analysis – HuffPost Politics SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN!- -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President […]

Donald Trump Calls For A Law We’ve Already Had For More Than 20 Years

President Donald Trump wants Congress to pass a law denying welfare benefits to immigrants for five years. “I believe the time has come for new immigration rules which say that those seeking admission into our country must be able to support themselves financially and should not use welfare for a period of at least five years,” […]

Samantha Bee Calls Out Jeff Sessions’ ‘Folksy Bulls**t’

Samantha Bee isn’t buying Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ “folksy bullshit.” On Wednesday’s broadcast of “Full Frontal,” Bee broke down Sessions’ testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee over his alleged contact with Russian officials during the 2016 presidential campaign. “Compared to Comey Day, Sessions-palooza was a Southern fried snoozefest,” said Bee. She then accused the AG of […]

Keith Olbermann Calls Out Trump: ‘You Are A Jackass’

Keith Olbermann has some blunt words for President Donald Trump. In the latest episode of “The Resistance,” his web series for GQ, Olbermann called Trump a “jackass” 27 times, and even referred to him as “President Jackass.”  But Olbermann’s criticisms weren’t limited to the president. He also went after “schlockmeister” Ivanka Trump and “nitwit son-in-law” Jared […]

Bill Maher Calls For Return Of The Liberal Bad Boys To Take On Donald Trump

Bill Maher says it’s time for the Democrats to unleash their own “loudmouth” candidate to take on President Donald Trump. “We don’t have the luxury any more to mess around with milk toast Democratic politicians who don’t move people,” he said on Friday’s broadcast of “Real Time.” “As ridiculous as Trump is, he does come […]

Former CIA Official Philip Mudd Calls Trump Transition A ‘Clown Show’

Former CIA official Phil Mudd goes off on Gen. Flynn: I'm watching a clown show! — The Situation Room (@CNNSitRoom) December 6, 2016 A former deputy director of the CIA had some harsh words for Donald Trump’s transition efforts so far.  “I’m watching a clown show,” Philip Mudd, now a counterterrorism analyst for CNN, […]

Bill Maher Calls For Unity: ‘You Can’t Unfriend 47 Percent Of America’

Bill Maher wants to build bridges. The “Real Time” host was a vocal critic of president-elect Donald Trump throughout his campaign and has since urged Democrats to “stop being so nice” in a bid to regain power ― but he’s now also called on the country to come together in the wake of the Republican […]

Debbie Gibson Calls Out A ‘Serious Problem’ In The Theater Community

When Debbie Gibson was singing and performing during the early part of her career in the ‘80s and ‘90s, she had a pristine reputation. But now, she says, it’s time for her to get off her “high horse” and speak the truth. As Gibson tells “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” in an upcoming interview, she […]

U.S. Democrat Pelosi Gets ‘Obscene And Sick’ Calls After Hack

U.S. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said on Saturday she has been flooded with “obscene and sick” calls and text messages after a hacker linked to Russia posted personal contact information online for her and hundreds of other Democratic lawmakers and aides. Pelosi sent a letter to colleagues warning them to take precautions and said […]

Brexit Prompts Calls From Other Nations To Leave EU

Several European political leaders called for their nations to leave the European Union, after a majority of British voters opted to exit the EU on Thursday. Marine Le Pen, the head of France’s far-right National Front part, on Friday showed her support in a Twitter post for those who voted to leave the 28-member bloc. […]

Bill Maher Calls Out Donald Trump’s Response To Orlando Shooting

Bill Maher took Donald Trump to task over his appalling response to the Orlando shooting on Friday. The “Real Time with Bill Maher” host said the presumptive GOP nominee’s horrific reaction to the massacre at the Pulse nightclub exposed him for exactly what he is — selfish and narcissistic. And Maher claimed it had done Trump’s […]

Seth MacFarlane Calls For Automatic Weapons Ban Following Orlando Massacre

Seth MacFarlane has over 10 million followers on Twitter. In the wake of Sunday’s Orlando massacre, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, he’s been using this public platform to take a strong stand against gun violence. On Sunday, the “Family Guy” creator called for the banning of automatic weapons: These shootings are a regular […]

George Zimmerman Calls President Obama An ‘Ignorant Baboon’

George Zimmerman, the Florida man who shot and killed an unarmed black teen in 2012 but was acquitted of second-degree murder charges, took to social media this week to call President Barack Obama an “ignorant baboon.”  Zimmerman made the comment in a series of tweets posted on Wednesday and Thursday while referencing the shooting deaths of two journalists […]

Obama Calls Opponents ‘Crazies’ In Fundraiser Speech

President Barack Obama spoke candidly about his critics at a fundraising event on Monday evening. “It’s hard for me to express how much I love Harry Reid,” Obama said, according to the pool report from the evening. “We were doing a little reminiscing and then figuring out how we’re going to deal with the crazies in […]

Petition Calls For Jon Stewart To Moderate A Presidential Debate

Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” retirement is barely two weeks old, but there’s already a push to bring him back to the airwaves next year — this time as moderator of one of the upcoming presidential debates.  “Over the last 16 years, Jon Stewart has played an influential and iconic role in covering U.S. politics and media,” the […]

George Takei Calls Justice Clarence Thomas A ‘Clown In Blackface’ Over Marriage Equality Dissent

George Takei has come under fire this week for calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a “clown in blackface” over the judge’s stance on marriage equality. However, the “Star Trek” actor insists that his comment was not racially motivated. During an interview with Fox 10 Phoenix, Takei, who is gay, discussed the Supreme Court’s recent […]

Rep Calls For More Than ‘Moment Of Silence’ In Congress For Charleston

Calling for more than “yet another moment of silence,” Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.), urged her colleagues Sunday to consider gun control measures in the aftermath of the Charleston, South Carolina, shooting. Speaking to Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,” Edwards praised politicians and lawmakers for responding in “exactly the right way” to the tragedy, but […]

Sarah Palin Calls Lena Dunham A ‘Pedophile,’ Blasts Media Over Treatment Of Duggars

Sarah Palin is lashing out at the media for how it has covered the sexual abuse revelations about “19 Kids And Counting” star Josh Duggar while giving “Girls” star Lena Dunham a free pass. Writing on her Facebook page, Palin compared the media storm over Duggar, whose parents confirmed on Fox News this week that […]

GOP Calls For ‘Honoring’ Troops By Funding A War Congress Won’t Vote On

WASHINGTON — It’s Memorial Day weekend, and congressional Republicans are using their weekly video address to the nation to call for “honoring our commitment” to U.S. troops. But they’re making a curious argument on how to show that commitment: They want President Barack Obama to support a House-passed defense authorization bill that provides more funding […]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Calls Off Controversial West Bank Bus Segregation Plan

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday called off a proposed plan to segregate Palestinians from Israelis on West Bank buses, overruling his own defense minister following a flurry of criticism in an attempt to avert the first crisis of his new government. An official in the prime minister’s office said Netanyahu […]

Councilman Calls On Baltimore Rappers To Inspire Students

City Councilman Nick J. Mosby visited several high schools Friday to connect teens with a group of people he knew would get their attention: Baltimore-bred rappers. The councilman — whose West Baltimore district was the center of the unrest that followed the death of Freddie Gray — enlisted Young Moose, Lor Scoota, Chino and others […]

Jon Stewart Calls Out ‘Total Narc’ Chris Christie For Hypocrisy On Marijuana

Jon Stewart celebrated 4/20, the unofficial marijuana holiday, on Monday night’s “Daily Show” with his special “Uncle Jonny’s Super Kush Totally Chillaxed Sticky-Icky Informative Marijuana News Report.” The segment got off to a promising start with an over-the-top promo from CNN for a weed special that Stewart said sounded “cool as fuck,” but in reality […]

President Obama Calls on Congress to Protect Arctic Refuge as Wilderness

Each year, as the darkness of the Arctic winter brightens into spring, as the snow melts and the hills and valleys slowly turn green, the tens of thousands of members of the Porcupine caribou herd begin their great migration — traveling some 1,500 miles through Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to their calving grounds on […]

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Calls For Pause In Protests After Police Killings

(Reuters) – New York Mayor Bill de Blasio implored protesters on Monday to wait until after the funerals of two policemen shot dead in an ambush before resuming rallies that have roiled the city and beyond over the deaths of black men at the hands of police. But de Blasio’s plea was quickly dismissed by […]

Brown’s Interim Task Force Report Calls For Changes In Sexual Assault Cases

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — A Brown University task force on sexual assault said Wednesday the school’s current culture is unacceptable and must be changed to ensure the campus is a “safe and welcoming place.” The 17-member panel, formed amid increased national scrutiny of how colleges handle sexual assault complaints, released an interim report on the […]

Darren Wilson Video And Radio Calls Released

The St. Louis-Post Dispatch on Friday published audio and video recorded by police and EMS personnel around the time when 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot to death by a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer in August. The recordings and other records, obtained by the newspaper through a Sunshine Law request, provide the most detailed public chronology […]

Jon Stewart Calls Out ‘Chickensh*t’ Democrats

So how did the Democrats manage to lose so badly in Tuesday’s midterm election? With a strategy that Jon Stewart succinctly described as the “chickenshit gambit.” “It’s named, of course, for Sen. Dickless H. Chickenshit, who, when he was asked whether he supported the Emancipation Proclamation, famously said, ‘Huh? What? Huh?’ and then had to […]

John Oliver Calls Out Sugar Industry, Demands They #ShowUsYourPeanuts

How much sugar are you eating? Odds are you don’t know, and as John Oliver pointed out Sunday on “Last Week Tonight,” it’s because food makers are doing their best to make sure you never find out. For example, most cranberry products are packed with sugar, and for good reason. “Cranberries are, I think we […]

When Grief Calls Forth the Healing

“I have no sense of who I am or how to live on my own,” Margaret tearfully admitted, six months after the death of her husband and the subsequent end of her 45-year marriage to a loving, controlling man who ran their social and financial life. Molly, in losing her only child, told me that […]

Oncologists’ Group Calls for Measures to Curb Obesity-Related Cancers

Better screening and treatments for obesity top to-do list, experts say Daily News SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN!- -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants […]

Jon Stewart Calls Airstrikes In Syria ‘The iPhone 6 Of Wars’

“Daily Show” host Jon Stewart described the U.S. military action on terrorist groups operating in Syria as “the iPhone 6 of wars.” “It’s expensive, a little bigger, a little more unwieldy than you thought it was going to be,” Stewart said on Tuesday night’s show. “It’s going to be at least a two-year commitment. It […]

Imprisoned Kurdish Rebel Leader Calls For Mass Mobilization Against ISIS

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — The imprisoned leader of a Kurdish rebel group fighting Turkey has called for a mass mobilization of all Kurds against the Islamic State militant group which is fighting Kurdish forces in Syria. In a message relayed through his lawyer late Monday, Abdullah Ocalan said: “I call on all Kurdish people to […]

Meet the Worm Dr. Oz Calls the Mother of All Parasites – The Oprah Winfrey Show – OWN

SUBSCRIBE: Original airdate: May 9, 2007 It can grow to 30 feet in length and live inside of you for 20 years. In 2007, Dr. Oz introduced a disgusted Oprah Show audience to the longest parasite in the world. Watch as America’s favorite physician unveils the bloodsucking creature he playfully refers to as “wormzilla.” […]

Raw Video: President Obama Calls Clint Dempsey & Tim Howard

The President calls Team USA captain Clint Dempsey & goalkeeper Tim Howard to congratulate them on their showing at the World Cup. Uploads by The White House Additional news- -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the […]

Joe Biden Calls New Ukraine Leader, Pledges Support

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden has told Ukraine’s newly elected prime minister that the U.S. welcomes the formation of the country’s new government. The White House says Biden called Arseniy Yatsenyuk (ahr-SEHN’-ee yaht-sehn-YOOK’) Thursday. It’s an important signal of U.S. recognition for Yatsenyuk as the de facto leader of the former Soviet republic. […]

Phoenix City Council Calls For Veto Of Arizona Anti-Gay Bill

Phoenix City Council on Tuesday called on Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to veto an anti-gay state Senate bill. The city council in Arizona’s state capital voted 8-1 to recommend that Brewer, a Republican, reject SB 1062 — legislation that would allow business owners to invoke their religious beliefs to discriminate against gay and lesbian customers. […]

Spy Chief: We Should’ve Told You We Track Your Calls

The U.S. government long considered its collection of Americans’ call records to be a state secret. Now the Director of National Intelligence admits it would have been better if Washington had acknowledged the surveillance in the first place. Politics – The Huffington Post SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN!- -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the […]

Why Lisa Marie Presley Calls Herself an “Intense Lioness Mother” – Oprah: Where Are They Now – OWN

Tune in Friday at 9/8c. Subscribe to OWN: As cultural icon Elvis Presley’s only daughter, Lisa Marie Presley has become a musical star in her own right at age 46. She makes it a family affair by touring with her husband and bandleader, Michael Lockwood, as well as their 5-year-old twins. With two adult […]

Rich Man Calls Rising Income Inequality ‘Fantastic’

One Canadian entrepreneur couldn’t have been more excited to learn that the 85 richest people on Earth are now worth as much half the world’s population. “It’s fantastic,” said Canadian millionaire Kevin O’Leary on his own Canadian news show the “The Lan & O’Leary Exchange.” “This is a great thing because it inspires everybody, gets […]

Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Preview: “Unanswered Calls” – Oprah Winfrey Network

Tune in Tuesday nights at 9/8c. Subscribe to OWN: Candace confronts Jim and gets more than she bargained for. Then, with nowhere else to turn, Wyatt makes a terrible confession to Jeffery. Plus, the Cryers’ dark secret gets one step closer to being exposed. For more the Haves and Have Nots, visit To […]

Nebraska Senate Candidate Shane Osborn Calls Spending Bill A ‘Short Bus To Nowhere’

Former Nebraska state Treasurer Shane Osborn, who is running for the U.S. Senate, called the Consolidated Appropriations Act, which was passed Wednesday in the House, a “short bus to nowhere” in a tweet that his campaign subsequently deleted, realizing that it could be offensive. A school bus shorter in length than a conventional school bus […]

North American Song Birds: Identify the Most Common Song Birds and Hear Their Calls on Your Smartphone

North American Song Birds: Identify the Most Common Song Birds and Hear Their Calls on Your Smartphone Technology meets nature in this field guide for identifying your favorite song birds. Any serious birdwatcher has been there: caught out in the field, almost “certain” you’ve just heard a specific type of birdcall–but with no frame of […]

Weekly Address: Sandy Hook Victim’s Mother Calls for Commonsense Gun Responsibility Reforms

This week’s address is delivered by Francine Wheeler, whose six year old son, Ben, was murdered alongside nineteen other children and six educators in Newtown, Connecticut, four months ago. Now, Francine — joined by her husband David — is asking the American people to help prevent this type of tragedy from happening to more families […]

President Obama on Election Day 2012: Make Phone Calls and Round Up Some Votes

Always be doing something. Help get out the vote now—make phone calls: http://OFA.BO/ddrVx5 The President is calling to get out the vote. So should you. Go to to get started: http://OFA.BO/ddrVx5 Uploads by BarackObamadotcom Additional news- -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising […]