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For Kids Playing Pokemon Go, Catch These Safety Tips

Pediatrics group praises physical activity but warns game could be a dangerous distraction Daily News SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN!- -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the […]

“Alright, Alright, Alright”: Find Out Who Matthew McConaughey Stole His Signature Catch Phrase From

All the best Matthew McConaughey impressions — as well as his own Oscars® acceptance speech — begin or end with his iconic catchphrase, "All right, all right, all right." McConaughey's catchphrase originated in the film Dazed and Confused. While prepping for his role in that movie as David Wooderson, McConaughey listened to a live album […]