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A Grief Bot Could ‘Resurrect’ My Dead Husband. No Thanks.

Artificial intelligence could totally change how we see death. Wellness Special News Bulletin- -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project […]

Pepe The Frog Is Dead: Cartoonist Kills Off Stoner Amphibian Hijacked By Alt-Right

Pepe the Frog is dead. Cartoonist Matt Furie made it official by drawing Pepe in an open casket. The funeral parlor scene was part of a single-page strip he created for Fantagraphics’ “World’s Greatest Comics” to mark Free Comic Book Day on Saturday. Furie turned on his creation after the alt-right fringe began using the frog […]

13 Dead From Unexplained Illness In Liberia

A mysterious illness has killed 13 people and sickened 30 others in Liberia since April 23, according to the World Health Organization. Dr. Alex Gasasira, the WHO’s representative in Liberia, told HuffPost on Saturday that while authorities have not found the “smoking gun” of what has caused the unexplained illnesses and deaths in Sinoe County, […]

Fidel Castro Dead: Cuban Revolutionary Leader Dies At 90

Fidel Castro, the controversial revolutionary leader and former head of state of Cuba, has died at the age of 90, Cuban state television announced. One of the world’s longest-serving political leaders, Castro ruled Cuba for 49 years after playing a central role in the Cuban Revolution in the 1950s. He cut a divisive figure during […]

AFL-CIO to Planet Earth: Drop Dead

At a meeting with the deputy political director of the AFL-CIO during my campaign for Congress, she looked across her desk and told me that I could get major union support by coming out in favor of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. That was five years ago. Since then, the nation’s biggest labor federation has […]

Sydney Schanberg, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Who Inspired The Movie ‘The Killing Fields,’ Dead At 82

July 9 (Reuters) – Sydney Schanberg, a former correspondent whose Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of the fall of Cambodia to the Khmer Rouge inspired the movie “The Killing Fields,” died on Saturday at age 82, the New York Times and Newsday reported. Schanberg, who worked for both newspapers in his career, gained international prominence for his […]

ครีมบำรุงมือและเล็บ Dead Sea Beautiful Skin-Improved 75 ml.

ครีมบำรุงมือและเล็บ Dead Sea Beautiful Skin-Improved 75 ml. เลือกช๊อป ครีมบำรุงมือและเล็บ Dead Sea Beautiful Skin-Improved 75 ml. ที่ Zalora ตอนนี้เลย!! พบกับ รองเท้า เสื้อผ้ามากกว่า 500 แบรนด์ ส่งฟรี! พร้อมบริการเก็บเงินปลายทาง List Price: Price:

Your Cheatin Heart: 31 Horrifying Tales from the Dead, Book 5 (Unabridged)

Your Cheatin Heart: 31 Horrifying Tales from the Dead, Book 5 (Unabridged) Bill and Susan were only married for a little over a year when Bill started realizing that he didn’t really love his new bride anymore. Bill ran an insurance business that was doing really well and always stayed longer hours than needed, and […]

Naot Dead Sea Treasures Body Lotion (1) 4 oz. bottle

Naot Dead Sea Treasures Body Lotion (1) 4 oz. bottle Reinvigorate every part of your body with Naots expertly formulated Dead Sea Treasures Body Lotion. An essential addition to any beauty supply collection, the water and minerals from the Dead Sea work in unison with nourishing aloe vera and hints of protective silicon to keep […]

Walter Scheib, Former White House Chef, Found Dead In New Mexico

Walter Scheib, a former White House chef who went missing while hiking in New Mexico earlier this month, was found dead on Sunday. He was 61. Scheib was last spotted on June 13 embarking on a solo hike in the mountains near Taos, NBC News reports. He was reported missing the next day. According to […]

Charleston Mourns The Dead At Emanuel AME: ‘I Knew Every Single One Of Them’

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Andre McPherson has been coming to the Emanuel AME Church here off and on since 2003. His visit on Thursday night was his first in a couple of years, he said with a hint of guilt, but he felt he owed it to the church leaders and congregation to stop by. In […]

Thursday’s Morning Email: Charleston Shooting Leaves Nine Dead, Reportedly A Hate Crime

TOP STORIES To get The Morning Email, HuffPost’s daily roundup of the news, in your inbox, sign up here. NINE DEAD IN REPORTED CHARLESTON HATE CRIME A gunman is on the loose after a suspected hate crime shooting at the historic Charleston Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church that left nine dead, including the Church’s pastor, […]

Charleston Church Shooting: 9 Dead At Historic Black Church

Nine people were shot to death by a white man at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, on Wednesday night, the Charleston Police Department confirmed at a news conference early Thursday. Calling it “the worst night of my career,” Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen said the gunman entered the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal […]

Wednesday’s Morning Email: Trade Deal Not Dead Yet

TOP STORIES To get The Morning Email, HuffPost’s daily roundup of the news, in your inbox, sign up here. TRADE DEAL LIVES AGAIN “Days after the House dealt a setback to President Barack Obama’s trade agenda, GOP leadership is considering plowing ahead with stand-alone legislation that would give the president so-called fast-track authority to shepherd […]

E.vil Womens Tee Burnout T-shirt Embellished with Grateful Dead Gray Size S

E.vil Womens Tee Burnout T-shirt Embellished with Grateful Dead Gray Size S E.vil is a fashion movement designed by the Queen of e.vil. Based on ironic contradictions, the Queen has created a way for her loyal subjects to have an alter ego. Over a number of seasons, e.vil as decreed by the Queen of e.vil […]

Chuck Schumer Warns Obama His Trade Agenda Is Dead Without A China Currency-Manipulation Crackdown

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama can just about kiss his trade agenda goodbye if he doesn’t allow Congress to pass a measure cracking down on China and other nations that manipulate the value of their currency, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said in an interview with The Huffington Post. Schumer, likely the next leader of Senate […]

Steve Harvey: Chivalry’s Not Dead | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

(Original airdate: February 27, 2009) If you’re angry with potential suitors because you can’t get past the text-messaging phase of a new relationship, your frustration may be misplaced. Relationship guru Steve Harvey says women aren’t asking enough of men during courtship. Find OWN on TV at SUBSCRIBE: Oprah Winfrey Network is the first […]

Carl Djerassi, Creator Of Birth Control Pill, Dead At 91

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Carl Djerassi, the chemist widely considered the father of the birth control pill, has died. Djerrasi died of complications of cancer Friday in his San Francisco home, Stanford University spokesman Dan Stober said. He was 91. Djerassi, a professor emeritus of chemistry at Stanford, was most famous for leading a research […]

City Hall Shooting In Minnesota Leaves 2 Officers Hurt And Gunman Dead, Police Say

NEW HOPE, Minn. (AP) — A gunman opened fire inside a suburban Minneapolis city building Monday night, injuring two police officers before authorities returned fire and killed him, the county sheriff’s department said. Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office chief deputy Mike Carlson said the shooting happened around 7:15 p.m. while two officers were being sworn in […]

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Jesus Is Dead, and So Are We. Eric Garner Is Our Only Hope for Resurrection.

On July 17, 2014, Jesus was standing on a corner. Officers confronted Jesus. After a brief conversation, Jesus was placed into a chokehold and slammed to the ground. The last words of Jesus were, “I can’t breathe.” I don’t believe that Eric Garner lived his life as Jesus. I don’t believe any of us do. […]

The Dead Divide Us

The Dead Divide Us This is the story of two brothers, living on opposite ends of the country, struggling to survive in a world meeting its demise. A deadly virus is sweeping the nation and infecting its victims with a morbidly psychotic urge to attack those not diseased. In the final days of America’s struggle […]

Dead Hungry

Dead Hungry Flesh: It’s What’s For Dinner. Ghouls are overrunning Chicago. With an appetite for the dead, it doesn’t matter if it’s road-kill, bodies from the morgue, or the recently buried. For graduate student Tucker Smith, life is now scarier than the horror novels he studies. His girlfriend is feeling peckish for raw meat. His […]

Marion Barry, 4-Term D.C. Mayor, Dead At 78

WASHINGTON (AP) — Divisive and flamboyant, maddening and beloved, Marion Barry outshone every politician in the 40-year history of District of Columbia self-rule. But for many, his legacy was not defined by the accomplishments and failures of his four terms as mayor and long service on the D.C. Council. Instead, Barry will be remembered for […]

Side Flower Day of the Dead Mask

Side Flower Day of the Dead Mask Celebrate Day of the Dead and Halloween in skeletal style in the Side Flower Day of the Dead Mask. This white mask features beautiful purple and red accents and a red side Price: $ Sold by Spencer Gifts LLC

Eilat & The Negev Footprint Focus Guide: (includes the Dead Sea)

Eilat & The Negev Footprint Focus Guide: (includes the Dead Sea) New – From bird-watching to beach parties and diving, this small city in the Negev – Israel’s ‘Great Outdoors’ – packs a punch. Footprint Focus Eilat and the Negev will take from the party town of Eilat to the natural beauty of Makhtesh Ramon […]

Medicare Working To Fix Rule That Paid For Drugs Even After Patients Were Dead

WASHINGTON (AP) — Call it drugs for the departed: Medicare’s prescription program kept paying for costly medications even after patients were dead. The problem was traced back to a head-scratching bureaucratic rule that’s now getting a second look. A report coming out Friday from the Health and Human Services Department’s inspector general says the Medicare […]

Guinter Kahn Dead At 80, Developer Of Baldness Remedy Rogaine

MIAMI (AP) — A South Florida dermatologist credited with helping develop the first baldness remedy recognized by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has died. He was 80. Dr. Guinter Kahn’s daughter Michelle said her father died Sept. 17 at a Miami hospice. His health had been declining since a stroke eight years ago. Kahn’s […]

Austin Hospital In Australia Mistakenly Declares 200 Patients Dead

SYDNEY (Reuters) – An Australian hospital apologized on Thursday after mistakenly sending out death notices for 200 of its – very much alive – patients. Austin Hospital, in Australia’s second most populous city of Melbourne, erroneously killed off the patients when it faxed death notices to their family doctors. The notices were the result of […]

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Karen DeCrow Dead: Former President Of NOW Dies At 76

NEW YORK (AP) — Celebrated activist and civil rights lawyer Karen DeCrow, who led the National Organization for Women in the 1970s, died Friday at her home near Syracuse. She was 76. Longtime friend Rowena Malamud confirmed DeCrow’s death from melanoma. She said DeCrow, who started out as a journalist and was a prolific writer, […]

Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate Travel Size 0.5oz

Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate Travel Size 0.5ozPrice: $ 35.00 Recharge, rehydrate and illuminate skin wherever you go with this limited edition size of AHAVA’s groundbreaking, skin-optimizing serum.Dead Sea OsmoterTM Concentrate is a groundbreaking, universal, … From Pharmaca

How to Get the Perfect Bronzey Glow in the Dead of Winter

You’d have to look close to notice Jessica Alba’s subtle uptick of color between recent red carpet events. Just a few degrees warmer than her regular wintertime tone and yet the change is stunning. A little lighter, brighter, fresher-and yet still appropriate for cold weather temps. Of course, Jessica Alba makes it looks easy, but […]

Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate 1oz

Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate 1ozPrice: $ 59.99Sale: $ 53.99 A groundbreaking, skin-optimizing serum that boosts hydration, clarity and luminosity and supercharges skin’s cellular functions to counteract the signs of aging immediately and over time. Dead Sea … From Pharmaca

Ahava Deadsea Salt Liquid Dead Sea Salt 6.8oz

Ahava Deadsea Salt Liquid Dead Sea Salt 6.8ozPrice: $ 22.49Sale: $ 20.24 A liquid gel with a high concentration of minerals that supports skin renewal, detoxifies, and enhances moisture. A one-of-a-kind liquid salt gel to detoxify and regenerate the skin, enhancing its … From Pharmaca

Ahava Deadsea Mud Natural Dead Sea Body Mud 13.6oz

Ahava Deadsea Mud Natural Dead Sea Body Mud 13.6ozPrice: $ 15.99Sale: $ 14.39 A mineral-rich mud body mask with high cleansing properties that improves skin texture and tone. Also helps relieve arthritic pain and sore muscles. A mud mask for the body. This mineral-rich formula … From Pharmaca

The Egyptian Book of the Dead Mysticism of the Pert Em Heru

The Egyptian Book of the Dead Mysticism of the Pert Em Heru THE EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD MYSTICISM OF THE PERT EM HERU’ I Know myself, I know myself, I am One With God -From the Pert Em Heru ‘The Ru Pert em Heru’ or ‘Ancient Egyptian Book of The Dead,’ or ‘Book of […]