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Beautiful, Beautiful, The Haircut's Not Bad Either

Beautiful, Beautiful, The Haircut's Not Bad Either The book details the obstacles and rewards of 'making it' in a predominantly male profession. My courage in battling stereotypes and gender biases has led to a joyous career and a great deal of stories. It is a testament to both self-reliance and resilience in a highly volatile […]

Bernie Sanders Is the Only Candidate From Either Party to Win 50 Percent of Michigan’s Vote

Not even Donald Trump could top Bernie Sanders in Michigan. Much to the pollsters’ surprise, Sanders edged out Hillary Clinton in a narrow but decisive victory in a delegate-rich state that was supposed to be hers. Sanders was in fact the only candidate in Michigan’s primary, from either party, to receive 50% of the vote. […]

Angela to Marcus: Either He Goes, or I Go | Tyler Perry’s For Better Or Worse | OWN

Richard has overstayed his welcome at Angela’s house, and she gives Marcus an ultimatum. Find OWN on TV at SUBSCRIBE: The popular comedy series from Tyler Perry, “For Better or Worse” is about the ups and downs of dating and marriage. It follows the zany and sometimes tumultuous relationship of a lovesick married […]