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WATCH: Honoring Your Feelings

It’s challenging enough when we are experiencing one of the uncomfortable emotions… but it makes it even worse when we feel like it’s not okay to feel that way. I hope this helps you experience some more unconditional self-love. If you are new to tapping, it will be beneficial to also watch the first episode […]

Burnout: Tips on How to Overcome the Feelings of Helplessness, Loss of Motivation and Stress at Your Job

Burnout has been described as the erosion of the soul, a cross between helplessness and hopelessness, a severe loss of motivation and/or a mismatch between the requirements of the employer and the capabilities of the employee. Burnout can come about as the result of stress, low morale, poor working conditions, a bad boss, or simply […]

Making Therapy Work for You: Have Your Feelings Without Your Feelings Having You

I’ve noticed that most people come in to therapy with some preconception about what to do with their feelings in session: Some believe that venting will help them to heal, others feel that it will be most helpful to remain distanced from their feelings so that they can analyze them. They’re both right. And they’re […]

On Writing: Deep Feelings and a Selective Memory

I have trouble wholly reminiscing on my life. For example, I often don’t remember who I went to movies with. I can see which theater, and I can see the film on the screen, but I can never remember who was next to me. It’s all unclear. Maybe this is common? Maybe it’s not. I hate […]

Mixed Feelings About Mothers’ Day

Mother’s Day was created, probably by Hallmark Cards, to honor our mothers. I’ve never taken the day too seriously, but lately I find it more compelling. I am a mother and a grandmother and my mother is still alive. She has lived a long life. She’s the first to tell you she’s outlived her time. […]

Go With Your Feelings!

I have to realize something. When I had dreams in the past, I always failed. What I realized is: There is only one useable thing: our emotions — anticipations and intuition. They lead and take you to places where you can be happy. Sometimes we just think that something will make us happy while there […]

Danny Convinces Linda of Philip’s True Feelings | Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor | OWN

Tune in Wednesdays at 9/8c Linda is worried that Philip only wants to be with her because she’s pregnant with his child. However, Danny has been certain that Philip’s feelings are genuine ever since Philip asked him for his permission to date his mother. Find OWN on TV at SUBSCRIBE: Tyler Perry’s “Love […]