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Federal Judge Holds Kris Kobach In Contempt For Failing To Follow Court Order To Register Voters

She said the Kansas secretary of state had failed to properly inform people they were eligible to vote. Politics – U.S. Political News, Opinion and Analysis SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN!- -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the […]

The Advice I Follow: ‘Conquer by Continuing’

By James Smith UCF Forum columnist Even though they have the best of intentions, about this time of year many people start setting aside their New Year’s resolutions – if they haven’t already. Do you have any left or have they all been abandoned for another try in 2018? For me, there are the usual […]

Americans should follow Brexit with Amexit to Escape Washington’s Brutal Embrace

The British have voted to leave the European Union. There are many reasons people wanted to quit. Perhaps the most important is self-government. Britons are tired of being bossed around by nameless and faceless bureaucrats in Brussels. Americans should follow the British in reconsidering the wisdom of living under a centralized Leviathan in a distant […]

Video DSLR Matte Box M2 Follow Focus 15mm Rod Support System Mount Rig Kit

Video DSLR Matte Box M2 Follow Focus 15mm Rod Support System Mount Rig Kit This is Video DSLR Matte Box M2 Follow Focus 15mm Rod Support System Mount Rig Kit. store provides apple accessories, electronics, tablet PCs, cool gadgets, cell phones, LED flashlight, car accessories, phones accessories, toys, health and beauty supplies, computer accessories, […]

The Healthy Lunch Idea Boards You Should Follow On Pinterest

Clothes shopping and supply shopping are definitely on the brain, now that it’s time for back-to-school preparation. But there’s one more thing to think about: school lunches.  A topic that is controversial around the United States, and even the world, the quality of lunches for kindergarten through 12th grade students have varied throughout decades. With big corporate […]

15 Green, Gluttonous And Gorgeous Food Instagrams You Should Follow This Spring

Warmer weather puts a spring in your step and a lot of ice cream on your Instagram feed. Burgers, crisp produce and downright dirty donut photos take over, influencing what you plan to gorge on next. The seasonal pics pose the age-old question: If you don’t post it to Instagram, did you really ever eat […]

Do What You Love (and the Money Might Follow)

By Laurie Uttich UCF Forum columnist When I was an undergrad in the middle of the Material Girl 80s, I don’t remember anyone — a professor, a parent or even a random guy on the street (or in the career counseling center) — ever telling me to “do what I love and the money will […]

Follow Along: White House Economist Betsey Stevenson Takes Over the “I Love Charts” Tumblr

Today, White House Economist Betsey Stevenson is taking over the popular "I Love Charts" Tumblr blog in honor of Women's Equality Day. Follow along here, or on the White House Tumblr. Hey everyone! Betsey Stevenson here from President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers. In honor of Women’s Equality Day, I’ll be taking over I Love […]

Eating Clean in a Dirty World: An easy to follow guide to cleaning up your diet for life