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Leading GOP Candidate For Louisiana Governor Suspected Of Spying On Political Rival

ImageContent(562aeb8fe4b0aac0b8fd1107,562ae9ff1900002e00b94ccc,Image,HectorAssetUrl(562ae9ff1900002e00b94ccc.jpeg,Some(),Some(jpeg)),Bill Clark via Getty Images,) The arrest could have been ripped from a Hollywood script, playing out on the eve of a statewide election. — This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be […]

Hawaii Governor Declares Homelessness ‘State Of Emergency’

HONOLULU (AP) — Hawaii Gov. David Ige has declared a state of emergency to deal with the state’s homelessness crisis just days after city and state officials cleared one of the nation’s largest homeless encampments. The move will help the state speed up the process of building a homeless shelter for families, and the state […]

Kansas Governor Threatens To Defund Judiciary If It Rules Against Him

On Thursday, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signed a bill that threatens the entire state’s judiciary with destruction if it rules against a law he favors. Brownback has spent much of his tenure attempting to curb the state supreme court and consolidate power in the executive branch. Thursday’s startling maneuver suggests the deeply conservative governor has […]

Nebraska’s Governor Vows To Proceed With Executions Despite Death Penalty Repeal

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts says lawmakers’ repeal of the death penalty won’t stop his administration from proceeding with executions of 10 people already sentenced to death. Ricketts said Friday that he doesn’t plan to cancel a shipment of lethal injection drugs that the state bought earlier this month. The GOP-controlled […]

Kansas Governor Brownback Claims Tax Plan But Won’t Provide Details

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Republican Gov. Sam Brownback told top Kansas lawmakers Friday that he has a new plan for raising taxes, with the GOP-dominated Legislature still sharply divided over how best to close a budget shortfall. Brownback called a Friday evening news conference to outline his proposal but canceled it less than 40 minutes […]

In Greenhouse California, The Hissing of Summer Lawns Fizzles While Races for Senator and Governor Quietly Take Shape

She could see the Valley barbecues From her window sill See the blue pools in the squinting sun Hear the hissing of summer lawns Joni Mitchell “The Hissing of Summer Lawns“ 1975 One of the most curious staples of suburban American living, the lawn, seems to have had its day in California, victim of the […]

So That Happened: How Arkansas’ Governor Threw Indiana’s Governor Under The Bus

So That Happened. This week, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) one-upped Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) over the handling of controversial religious freedom legislation, there’s a new hope for millions of Americans living on the ragged edge of homelessness, and since April Fool’s Day was this week, we explore the dark side of all the […]

Broadway Star Audra McDonald Slams Indiana Governor Over Anti-Gay Bill

Broadway star Audra McDonald is not a fan of Indiana Governor Mike Pence and his anti-gay legislation, and she let him know it. Pence signed the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law Thursday. The bill allows companies to cite religious freedom in lawsuits if sued by a private party. Many worry this could legalize […]

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber Was About To Resign But Changed His Mind

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Embattled Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber had reached a decision to resign because of an ethics scandal surrounding him and his fiancée, but he changed his mind for reasons that are unclear, three people with direct knowledge of the situation said Wednesday. They said the Democratic governor informed some of his aides […]

Idaho Governor Vows To Keep Fighting Supreme Court Ruling Allowing Same-Sex Marriage

WASHINGTON — Idaho Gov. Butch Otter (R) vowed Thursday to keep fighting a U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing same-sex marriage in his state, even as that effort costs Idaho tens of thousands of dollars. “I’m not ready to surrender to a few folks in black robes,” Otter said during a gubernatorial debate. “I’m not ready […]

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton Adds His Voice To Push For Campaign Cash Disclosure

Sources of political spending that are now secret could be forced into the light of disclosure if Gov. Mark Dayton has his way. “This is about people’s right to know who is trying to influence the outcome of elections and how much money they are investing to do so,” Dayton said in an interview with […]

An Open Letter to Governor Jan Brewer

Dear Governor Brewer, I love Arizona. I grew up there, a proud honors graduate of Saguaro High School, where I was president of the Teen-Age Republicans. Indeed, I was such a good teen-age Republican that in 1976 Sen Goldwater named me Arizona State Teen-Age Republican of the Year. I still have his letter. Not only […]

Governor Martin O’Malley Pushes For $10.10 Per Hour Minimum Wage In Maryland

Gov. Martin O’Malley announced Tuesday that he will push for raising the minimum wage in Maryland to $ 10.10 an hour over the next two years, with automatic increases after that to keep pace with inflation. O’Malley appeared at an evening rally outside the State House, which drew hundreds of union members, clergy, business owners […]

If Governor Romney Becomes President Then SB 5 Becomes a Nationwide Problem – OFA Ohio

Gotta vote? Go here: http://OFA.BO/Fm7Fsj Last year Governor Kasich of Ohio signed SB5, an attack on police officers, firefighters, teachers and the middle class. SB5 was soundly defeated. But Romney continues to attack police officers, teachers and firefighters. Ohioans disagree with Mitt Romney. President Obama cares about what real people think about, are worried about […]

“Mitt Romney was not an effective governor.”

Share this: http://OFA.BO/hKrr2R Tweet this: http://OFA.BO/8P5B4a Legislators from Massachusetts share how they feel about Mitt Romney’s record as Massachusetts governor. As Jay Kaufman, Massachusetts State Representative for the 15th Middlesex District shares: “You will hear this from Republicans and Democrats: Mitt Romney was not an effective governor.” Uploads by BarackObamadotcom Additional news- -As millions of […]