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DON’T BE A MORON: Mom Tells Her Son Why He’d Better Vote For Clinton

Not voting is not an option.  In a clip going viral on social media, one mother makes that perfectly clear to her son ― not only telling him to vote, but who to vote for.  Here’s the video that was posted on Twitter by a user who goes only by the name of Kenny:  JUST […]

Trump Supporters Reveal Exactly What He’d Have To Do To Lose Their Votes

Jimmy Kimmel asked Trump supporters what The Donald would have to do to lose their votes. And as it turns out, it’s quite a bit. For some of his followers, not even murder, smoking crack or punching the Pope would be enough to make them step off the Trump Train. “It doesn’t matter if Donald Trump embellished […]

Here’s How Donald Trump Says He’d Replace Obamacare

WASHINGTON — Republican front-runner Donald Trump, who has vowed to scrap the Affordable Care Act and replace it with “something terrific,” finally provided a rough idea of what he thinks terrific looks like. The bullet points published on the billionaire businessman’s website Wednesday night don’t amount to a detailed plan to overhaul the health care system, […]

Anthony Sukto’s Father Tried To Kill Him In 2004. Here’s What He’d Say If They Came Face-To-Face Today.

Anthony Sukto was just 8 years old when his father committed an unthinkable act. It was the fall of 2004 in a neighborhood near Seattle, around 4 a.m., when 911 dispatchers received a desperate call from the terrified little boy. “Please help me. My daddy killed me with a knife and I’m gone,” Anthony told […]

Words Tim Never Thought He’d Say | Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s | Oprah Winfrey Network

Opening a drive-thru Sweetie Pie’s restaurant was not an easy task, but Tim and the staff managed to get past their rough start. Tim knows he wouldn’t have successfully opened the Lindbergh location without the help of his trusted employees and he’s shocked at how much he’s come to rely on the previously irresponsible lil’ […]