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The One Thing Kate Hudson Can’t Live Without In The Morning

The actress and Fabletics co-founder is obsessed with her snooze button. Wellness Special News Bulletin- -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community […]

A Very Important Thing Now Happens When You Google ‘Depression’

A new program may help assess symptoms. Healthy Living Special News Bulletin- -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which […]

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Kids To Tell Their Dads The Worst Thing They’ve Done

Jimmy Kimmel gave a group of dads an early Father’s Day gift on Thursday. The late night host asked kids to admit the worst thing they’ve ever done and to do so while standing right next to their dads. The revelations prompted plenty of embarrassed looks from both the parents and their children. Check out […]

Jon Hamm Just Said The Most Swoon-Worthy Thing About Therapy

Jon Hamm is taking care of his mental health ― and for him, that includes therapy. The “Mad Men” actor recently spoke with InStyle for their July issue, where he discussed how seeing a mental health professional helps him deal with life challenges. Two years ago, Hamm went to rehab for alcohol addiction. He also ended his […]

Preet Bharara To Rosenstein On Special Prosecutor: Do The Right Thing

Fired U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has issued an impassioned plea to his former colleague Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to do the right thing, stand up to Donald Trump and demand a special prosecutor in the Russian investigation. In the wake of Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey last week, Bharara argued in an opinion […]

Seth Meyers: Fox News Is ‘The Closest Thing We Have To State TV’

Seth Meyers took aim at Fox News’ “sycophantic coverage” of President Donald Trump’s administration on Wednesday night. The “Late Night” host noted how the right-leaning network regularly gave Trump “glowing, unquestioning coverage” in exchange for “unparalleled access. ”It’s “the closest thing we have to state TV,” said Meyers. Highlighting how Trump often tweets recommendations for the […]

Now is the Time: Do the Next, Right Thing

We will make only one choice. Throughout our lives, we do only one thing. Again and again, moment by moment, year after year. It is how we live our days, how we shape our lives. Our choice is this: What is the next, right thing for us to do? Where, in this moment, will we […]

These 6 Kids’ Drawings Of Kindness Nail The Best Thing About It

“Kids are intrinsically kind”, says Dr. Michael Tomasello, a professor of developmental psychology at Duke University. They are also, as parents or teachers can attest, prone to bouts of egocentric behavior, riding the complex ups and downs of on-again/off-again compassion over the course of their development. While greater compassion can, and should, be fostered in […]

Denver Votes To Make Marijuana Cafes A Real Thing

Denver is making green history yet again. The city’s voters appear to have legalized the social use of marijuana in permitted private establishments, according to election results released Monday evening. Supporters of Initiative 300 led 53 percent to 47 percent as of 6 p.m. ― a margin of 17,173 votes. State election officials noted that results […]

Seth Meyers’ Spoof VP Debate Is Much Easier To Watch Than The Real Thing

Unlike other moderators, “Late Night” host Seth Meyers retained control of the candidates during his spoof vice-presidential debate on Thursday. While squabbling and talking over each other characterized Tuesday’s actual debate between Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) and Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), Meyers managed to keep the duo in check during his hilarious parody. By splicing clips of the candidates’ answers after […]

Is Morning Sickness a Good Thing?

Women who experienced nausea, vomiting had 50 to 75 percent lower risk of pregnancy loss, study finds Daily News SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN!- -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced […]

By Far, This Was the Most Important Thing I Learned at Stanford Medicine X…

I never get tired of watching planes take off, and the bigger they are, the better I like them. For instance, every time I see a 747 lift off the ground, I wonder what fabulous adventure awaits its passengers. I’m currently watching quite a few 747’s and even a few A-380’s jet off to the […]

This Wonderful Thing Called Our Twenties

I just dropped off an old friend at the airport and drove home as the sun was setting. It’s San Francisco, so it was perfect weather for my commute home. A song I really liked came on as I pulled away and there it was: my perfect life, right in front of me. I’m 23, […]

The One Thing Not For Sale In America Has My Vote

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Counter intuitive, isn’t it? To have principles and live by them. When did that happen? We are living in a country where principles feel like something from a fairy tale. They feel like something once mentioned in the days of history when the class structure was stripped from the aristocracy […]

Jeb Bush Chest Bumping A Man Is The Most Awkward Thing You’ll See Today

When you’re running for president, especially when you’re trailing in the polls, every vote counts. That’s probably why when one man told former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) that he was switching his support from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to him, this happened:  Cruz supporter tells Bush he's now backing him instead. Bush gives him […]

Here’s Why Narcissism Isn’t Necessarily A Bad Thing

You’ve read the horror stories about what it’s like to be married to a narcissist, be parented by a narcissist or be friends with a narcissist. People with narcissistic personality disorder believe deeply in their own importance and specialness and need admiration and flattery to feel good about themselves. They may also struggle to see […]

Why Being an Empath Isn’t Always a Good Thing

There’s a new “it” word that seems to be everywhere lately. That word is “empath.” An empath is someone who can feel the emotional and mental state of someone else–an empath isn’t entirely separate from the idea of empathy for others. Yet another “it” word right now is “narcissist.” Narcissists, on the other hand, have […]

Failure to Act, Regrets, and Why Inertia Can Be A Good Thing – Lessons on Choice From Barry Schwartz

Psychologist Barry Schwartz is the author of The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less, and in 2006 he gave a TED Talk on the subject – a couple of years before TED became the internet phenomenon it is now. This TED Talk is another of my all-time favourites, and was always going to be […]

Why Happy Is the New Skinny (And That’s a Bad Thing)

“Belly-2354 1920 (1)” by PublicDomainPictures. Licensed under CC0 via Wikimedia Commons The happiness industry For decades, our society has bemoaned the pervasiveness and inconsistency of the weight-loss industry. Diets, exercise regimes and supplements come and go in waves that constitute a still-growing industry that separates us from our cash at a rate of $ 60 […]

What Is the Most Important Thing in Life?

When was the last time you heard these unsolicited statements and questions directed at you? “You need to make a decision now!” “You should concentrate on reality, quit wasting your time and stop your silly dreaming!” What’s wrong with you? “You can’t do that, how utterly stupid can you be? You will fail!” I could […]

‘He’s The Only Thing This Town’s Got’: Dennis Hastert’s Hometown Shocked By Allegations

YORKVILLE, Ill. — From the public library to the American Legion post, Dennis Hastert — just “Denny” to residents of his hometown — was on everyone’s TV screen and everyone’s lips. “Shocked” and “disappointed” were common responses to the former Republican House speaker’s indictment on federal charges he deliberately structured cash withdrawals to avoid bank […]

8 Steps to Truly Love Yourself — and Why It’s the Most Selfless Thing You Can Do

There seems to be a very beautiful trend taking shape that I am completely devoted to: It is starting to be popular to “be loving.” Over the last few years, health, spiritual practices and taking care of mother earth are starting to be considered a hip thing — rather than a strange “hippie” thing. I […]

The Most Important Thing You Forgot to Do Today

We are taught that certain things are essential for us to be successful human beings. That there is an unknown and ever changing series of boxes next to a column marked, “life,” and if you ever successfully tick all of them at the same time, then you can finally be Successful with a capital S. […]

The One Thing Most People Are Scared Of (It’s Not What You Think)

Oprah says, after years of doing the Oprah show, that every guest, from the First Lady to the cleaning lady, wanted to know they mattered. I have found, after thousands of hours of coaching, that almost everyone is afraid of success. Of reaching their potential, of actually living out their dream. I see this fear […]

This One Thing Can Enhance Your Office Productivity

We hope your workplace is only filled with positivity and support, but unfortunately that’s not the case for most; a 2013 study by the Harvard Business Review found that 98 percent of respondents reported experiencing uncivil behavior in the office. In the video above, HuffPost Live tackles how gratitude in the workplace can combat this […]

The One Thing You Need for Positive Change

In my empowerment coaching practice, I work closely with clients to create their ideal lives, revamp what’s going on for them and challenge them to live better overall. The one thing I’ve noticed with all of my clients who are successful in creating major positive change is their willingness to recognize negative self-talk. This is […]

Harvey Milk Told This Man One Thing That Changed His Entire Life (VIDEO)

I’m From Driftwood is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit archive for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer stories. New stories are posted on the site every Wednesday. One person really can make a difference. For Ron Huberman, all it took to find himself on the path toward an accomplished life was meeting Harvey Milk. The fateful day […]

Introvert Travel Just Became A Thing, Thanks To New ‘Introvert Retreat’ In England

Group tours, guided treks and big-name cruises sound like great vacation ideas at first, but then there are all. those. people. The point of travel is often to escape our fellow humans and get in touch with ourselves, not to schmooze and booze with a mashup of noisy others we’ve only just met. Enter the […]

Vegetarians Remember The Last Thing They Ate Before Swearing Off Meat For Good

I remember The Moment. It all happened on a summer afternoon, a day with the kind of breeze that teases early notes of fall. Beaming sun but crisp air. My brother brought home a couple of sandwiches from the local deli. He handed me my order — turkey on whole wheat toast with lettuce, tomatoes […]

Greece’s New Finance Minister: ‘You Have To Be Prepared To Blow The Whole Thing Up’

Greece will neither seek an extension of its controversial bailout nor cooperate with the so-called “troika” of international creditors, the country’s new finance minister declared Friday, following up on a previous threat to “blow the whole thing up” in order to win concessions designed to boost the Greek economy. The comments by Yanis Varoufakis, an […]

West Wing Week: 1/16/15 or, “The Little Circle Thing”

Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This week, the President continued to preview some of the big ideas that he’ll propose in his State of the Union address on January 20th. He made announcements on education, on cybersecurity, and on access to reliable broadband Internet […]

Flubbing The Interview or The Only Thing We Have to Fear…

The decision to pull the planned Christmas- day showing of “The Interview” is just one more illustration of the degree to which our nation, our society, and our psyches have been captured by fear. We have, quite simply, become a nation of wusses, to borrow a phrase used by my former boss Ed Rendell as […]

The One Thing You Must Stop Doing This December: A Poem for Holiday Overwhelm

In December we do a little work And anticipate a lot of pleasure And December is the one month of the year Where I always change what I measure From January through November I’m a big believer In shooting for the stars (Yes, I’m an overachiever) But with December’s change in energy It seems to […]

Barbara Brown Taylor On The Hardest Thing To Accept In Life — And How To Come Around (VIDEO)

For the past 16 years, Episcopal priest Barbara Brown Taylor has been a professor of religion at Piedmont College in north Georgia. There, she is surrounded by young adults just beginning their lives, eager to find their own paths. To do that, they ask questions, explore new ideas and open themselves to experimentation, all of […]

The One Thing in a Mediterranean Meal That Needs a Makeover | #OWNSHOW | Oprah Winfrey Network

No diet is completely free of sugar, but one comes close. LeeAnn Weintraub, author of “The Everything Glycemic Index Cookbook”, shares the one sugar laden food to avoid if you’re eating Mediterranean. Find OWN on TV at SUBSCRIBE: #OWNSHOW is a digital exclusive web-show on Packaged into stackable moments, the show brings […]

The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself

This may sound extremely contradictory, but when you find yourself crazed, anxious, stressed, and just a tad (okay, maybe insanely) overwhelmed, one of the best things you can do for yourself is slow down. Unfortunately, I’m not always the best at following this advice myself. And sometimes, I’m pretty horrible at it. Take this week […]

How Stress Can Be a Very Good Thing

Feeling stress in your everyday life? Join the crowd. There’s no doubt that we face an enormous number of stresses in day-to-day living, whether it be at work, in the home, or anywhere in between. In fact, a recent poll showed that more than one in every four Americans, almost 60 million people, said they […]

The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health

SPECIAL FROM Next Avenue Every now and then, we all need a boost to get us moving toward better health. If the official start of summer wasn’t enough, maybe the arguments mustered by University of Toronto statistics professor Michael Evans, in this now-classic whiteboard animation, will motivate you. Imagine a prescription that could reduce arthritis […]

When Being Selfish Is a Good Thing

I think sometimes the word selfish gets a bad rap We grow up learning to play fair, be nice to others and above all else, be selfless, not selfish. But what happens when being selfless puts you on a track that’s not leading to your own personal happiness? Is it okay to turn selfless into […]

Brain Implants To Cure Mental Disorders May Soon Be A Thing

A Pentagon agency has earmarked tens of millions of dollars for research into brain implants that could help fight mental disorders. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is launching the five-year program in the hope that it will find a new way to help military personnel with psychiatric disorders including depression, anxiety and post-traumatic […]

Weekly Address: Raise The Minimum Wage — It’s The Right Thing To Do For Hardworking Americans

In this week’s address, Vice President Biden discusses the importance of raising the federal minimum wage. It’s good for workers, it’s good for business, and it would help close the gender pay gap, as women make up more than half of the workers who stand to benefit from a raise. And as the Vice President […]

The most important thing that I do: Amy’s #GetCovered Story

Enroll today at “Having this new coverage, I don’t feel like I’m walking on eggshells with my health so much.” Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans like Amy from Nashville, TN, can enroll in new health insurance options in the Health Insurance Marketplace. — U.S. Department of Health and Human Services […]

Celebrities Who Swear By Yoga Can Teach Us A Thing Or Two About Balance

Yoga does as much good for the soul as it does to your body, with its innumerable benefits. Even celebrities are in on the healthy fad, taking classes, sharing photogenic poses on social media and inspiring us all to breathe. Take a look at the wide variety of Hollywood stars who swear by the practice: […]