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Watching Videos Of Police Brutality Can Traumatize You, Especially If You’re Black

Jarrod Doyle was relaxing with friends on July 5 when the hashtag #AltonSterling popped up on his Instagram feed. He tabbed over to Google to search the name. On Facebook, he found a graphic video of two police officers pinning Sterling to the ground before fatally shooting him in the chest and back six times. After […]

Watching Rainn Wilson Talk About Happiness Will Make You Happier

Rainn Wilson was asked to share some lessons for living a good life. Moments later he was convulsing on the couch, showing off how he experiences “rapturous joy.” Post-convulsion, during an appearance on HuffPost Live, he shared some poignant thoughts on happiness, his marriage, and being true to yourself. “I gotta be me, I have […]

Watching My Wife (Cuckolding, Hotwife, Voyeurism Erotica)

Watching My Wife (Cuckolding, Hotwife, Voyeurism Erotica) Martin is successful, wealthy, and has a beautiful wife. There’s only one problem: he’s so bored! He and his wife try new things to get him excited and interested in life again, but there’s only one thing on Martin’s mind that’s sure to light that spark. He wants […]

Attorney General Holder: “The Eyes of the Nation and the World Are Watching Ferguson Right Now”

Attorney General Eric Holder meets with local residents and community leaders of Ferguson, Missouri at Drake’s Place Restaurant. (by Lonnie Taque, U.S. Department of Justice) U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder traveled to Ferguson, Missouri yesterday to review the Justice Department's independent investigation into the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. While there, the Attorney General […]