Botox Is Back After Lockdown, and Its Fans ‘Feel Alive’ Again


Slowly but surely, “normal” life has resumed for Kate Korson, a 31-year-old Denver woman who works in the cannabis consulting industry. For the first stop on her re-entry tour: The Luxe Room, where Korson received her regular dose of Botox from Danielle Mathers, a nurse and owner of the clinic.

Things look different inside the tasteful office, with its waiting room decorated by plush velvet couches, a shag rug, and lucite coffee table. Since reopening on May 11, Mathers’ clinic operates under restrictions set forth by the state’s Department of Public Health

Upon arrival, clients get a temperature gun to their head and are only allowed inside if they clock in under 104 degrees. They have to wear their face mask at all times, keeping their nose and lips covered—so no lip injectables are provided just yet. There is a half-hour gap between appointments, which allows for disinfecting and cleaning. 

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