Everything You Need To Know About Grow Bags

The use of grow bags date back to ancient times. Ancient Egyptians were known for their plant basket weaving, while the Greeks used woven containers on their rooftop gardens because they were lighter and easier to move around. More recently, a technique used by British gardeners involves plastic bags filled with soil for growing vegetables. Grow bags in their most recent forms made from durable, breathable, and somewhat structured fabric, making for easier watering, drainage, and root maintenance. 

If you find pots and planters to be bulky and difficult to use, keep reading to find out more about when and how to use grow bags.

Potato Grow Bags can also be used for other root vegetables!

Why use a grow bag:

Though grow bags are conventionally used in a greenhouse setting, they have become increasingly popular for balcony and other small space gardeners. They are lightweight, tend to take up less space, and are more affordable than pots and planters. They also stay cooler in the summer months than pots made of plastic. Grow bags also facilitate something called “air pruning.” This simply means that once the roots reach the inside of the bag, they stop growing, rather than strangling the pot. Grow bags are best suited to plants without deep roots, such as tomatoes, potatoes, and herbs.

This portable, woven fabric grow bag from ShopCHT makes it easy to move your plants around the balcony as needed.

Choosing a grow bag

Not all grow bags are created equal. Stay far away from plastic grow bags, which retain heat and don’t allow for proper drainage. Ideally, a grow bag should be constructed from a polypropylene fabric. Look for indications that the grow bag is BPA-free and food-safe.

How to: DIY a grow bag

Grow bags are more affordable than their plant and pot counterparts; though more affordable still, is grow bag DIY project. To find out how to sew a grow bag, check out this tutorial courtesy of Northern Homestead. If you’re not of the crafty persuasion, there’s nothing wrong with buying your grow bag ready-made. To shop the Potato Grow Bag or Planter Grow Bags visit ShopCHT.com.

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