NBA buyout season: Will contenders find value in bargain bin?

Yardbarker NBA writers Pat Heery and Sean Keane discuss the hottest topics in the NBA. This week’s topic: buyout season. Keane: The NBA trade deadline was an action-packed exchange of players, contracts, future draft picks, and my favorite … conditional pick swaps! (Props to the Knicks for holding out for the right to swap first-round picks with the Clippers in 2021.) But now it’s time for the NBA’s equivalent of shopping on December 26, buyout season! This is when all the veterans on expiring deals stuck on teams bound for the lottery can get their freedom through the magic of buyouts. Some players will give up some of their salaries to get to a playoff team, and some losing teams will dump players for nothing just to free up roster space. And then there’s semi-retired players considering a late-season comeback with a contender, also known as the “Juwan Howard Special.” So far, we’ve had Darren Collison decide to stick with his family and his religious faith rather than become a backup point guard in LA –
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