Outfit Formula: Subtle Safari Chic

The Safari Chic trend takes me back to the early and mid ‘90s. Lots of beige, tan, stone, olive, toffee, khaki, brown, white, mustard and a bit of black. Think casual jackets, shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, jumpsuits blouses, tees and shorts in these typical earthy shades with utility detailing like drawstrings, tie belts, cargo pockets, carpenter loops, canvas belts, patch pockets, and tortoiseshell trim. Finish off the look with brown leather, animal print, and earthy accents. The collection below showcases some good Safari Chic looks.

Here are some Safari Chic outfits that are subtle and simple instead of layered and maximal. The colour palette and utility integrity is key.

1. Trendy Paperbag Waist and Big Shirt

Combine a pair of trendy tan, khaki, olive or toffee utility paperbag waist pants with a big white tucked shirt. Finish off the look with brown footwear and a bag in the same subtle palette. Here, white shoes would work too. Or substitute the white for a shade of olive or brown. Animal print footwear could be smashing.

VANESSA BRUNO Epagny Belted Frayed Cotton-blend Canvas Tapered Pants

2. Utility Jacket with Column of White

The column of white under the tan safari jacket makes it look crisp and unique. The column combines a white tee and pair of wide crop jeans, but you can choose any silhouette of top and jeans, pants or shorts. The snakeskin shoes add a fun touch and look interesting. I can see the look with brown boots, brown sandals, mules or white sneakers too.

Boyish The Jeffery Safari Jacket

3. Black on Black Utility Dress

A utility dress combined with a pair of flat sandals is a great way to create a simple Safari Chic look. Here the black is unexpected and looks lovely on the black-haired model. I’d have preferred brown, gold, olive, animal print or white sandals, but if you like wearing black from head to toe – go for it. Or choose a utility dress in another safari colour.

DL1961 Fire Island Utility Dress

4. Boiler Suit and Animal Print

And last is a nod to the ‘80s boiler suit, which in the right earthy colours can look fably Safari Chic because of its utility integrity. Nice addition of the snakeskin boots, although earthy leather boots, mules, sandal booties, or gladiators would work well too. Add jewellery, eyewear, scarves, headgear, and watch as desired.

Banana Republic TENCEL Flight Jumpsuit

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