Scientists are painting dairy cows in black and white zebra stripes to prevent biting fly attacks, and provisional studies indicate that it might significantly reduce economic losses felt by livestock farmers across the US.

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Why is the giant panda black and white? Scientists have found that the black and white fur probably offers a kind of evolutionary compromise, allowing them to match with their backgrounds in both snowy and shaded areas.

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Museums Preserve Clues That Can Help Scientists Predict and Analyze Future Pandemics

Scientists believe that leveraging collections by identifying likely pathogen sources, hosts, and transmission pathways will require more resources and more collaboration between biodiversity scientists and disease outbreak sleuths. Nature World News : Latest News Pet Deal Update: Autoship & Save…

Scientists Discover Evidence of Active Volcanism Due to Mantle Plume Below Northern Europe

Scientists recently discovered evidence of active volcanism, with the presence of a mantle plume, near some of the most populated places in northern Europe. GPS monitoring data across western Europe tracked subtle movements on the surface, which is believed to…